Very well said. I have felt the same way when I had been subjected through a similar interview process.

At my current employer (Grofers), we try to keep interview as realistic as possible:

* scenario based questions

* building a real-world software or a small component

* explicit call out on architecture, design, code quality, documentation than algorithms

* we typically do take home assignments. that gives the candidate the time to do things in their comfortable environment instead of being pressured. And yes, using Google and Stackoverflow is absolutely fine because we do that all the time

* After the take home assignment is submitted, we review it (like we would review a PR) and do a feedback session in another round to test how candidates collaborate with us on improving their software.

I feel data structures are very important in real-world software development however data structure knowledge is better tested when given real world scenarios than text book questions.

Algorithms are important too but we dont focus on it a lot on them.


Engineering Leader, Consultant | Previously did engineering at Blinkit, Wingify

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